What’s Hot In Social Media This August

SoMe – that’s trendy industry speak for “social media” to us normal folk – just gets bigger and better every year.  This summer there has been plenty to tweet and post about.  In this weeks blog, we take a look at what’s been generated the most interest on Twitter and Facebook this month.



When software engineer Isis Anchalee posted a picture of herself holding a placard with the hashtag #ilooklikeanengineer, a new twitter trend exploded.  designed to highlight the gender stereo typing that exists within the engineering industry, our twitter feeds were pretty quickly filling up with pictures of lovely lady engineers.

Facebook hits 1bn users in a single day

The internet went wild when, According to founder Mark Zuckerberg, over 1bn people used Facebook on a single day for the first time since its creation.  The great man himself described it as “an important milestone” and made us all aware that “one in seven people on Earth uses Facebook to connect with their friends and family”. He also said “This was the first time we reached this milestone, and it’s just the beginning of connecting the whole world.”

Airbnb offers the chance to stay in Neighbours very own Ramsay Street

Dr Karl Kennedy explained the promotion in this video.

Airbnb, the website designed for people to list, find, and rent lodgings, ran a competition to win a chance to stay in Ramsay Street.  All you have to do is explain in 25 words or less why they would like to spend a night on what is arguably the famous street in Australia.

Winners will receive return flights to Melbourne, free accommodation through Airbnb and an overnight stay on set.

Burger King and McDonalds to join forces

Well, no actually they didn’t really, but it was suggested.  When the marketing folk at ran a campaign calling for the two rivals to put their ‘beef’ aside and create the McWhopper, the internet went wild.  The idea was that all proceeds would be donated to charity Peace One Day.

McDonalds didn’t seem to want to “bite”. In fact, McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook subsequently declined the offer with quite a bit of seasoning.

mcdonalds burger king

So, don’t be expecting to see a “McWhopper” anytime soon then!

It’s been an interesting month in Social Media, and we haven’t even mentioned the billions of holiday snaps shared by many all over the world this summer.  If you would like to find out how to make social media work for your business, call our Social Media team on 01277 849161 or visit us at www.gtduk.com


August 23, 2015 | Laura | Posted In : Social Media
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