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Web Applications

Web applications (or web apps for short) are websites which allow you to automate some aspects of your organisation, or take something normally only available as desktop software and make it accessible anywhere you are, from the web. As long as you have access to an internet connection you or your customers can use your web app on the go, we can even make some aspects of your web application work offline.

Much more than just pages of information, a web app can allow you to take bookings online, respond to customer queries or even purchase goods or services.  Our experienced developers can design and build a fully functioning web app for your brand or business.  Taking on board all your needs and aspirations, we can build you a website that can increase your productivity and save you money.

An example of one of our successful web apps. RoamAntics has a web app for managing events and customer registration. It links to a mobile web app which attendees use to get to know each other at an event.

More on Web Apps

Google Docs, Hootsuite and Salesforce CRM are all web applications! You probably use lots of different web apps day-to-day for business and don’t realise it. Web apps are websites which perform specific tasks and are usually robust in nature.

We even have our own in house web CRM, which we built just for our needs. Our CRM serves as a customer database and lets us keep tabs on all our projects and invoicing.

We Make Apps for Phones Too