Tips on Working From Home in Lockdown

As the coronavirus takes hold and lockdown is in place, working from home is a road many of us are going down now. For some people, this will be something that they’re used to but for others, this will be unchartered territory. If you’re in the unchartered territory category, then we’re here to help. Follow some helpful tips on setting up and getting to grips with the world that is ‘working from home’.

Setting up

Firstly, we would suggest somewhere quiet, has good lighting and comfortable, but not too comfy that you’ll fall asleep. If you have a dining room table or somewhere where you can set up a makeshift desk, then that’s the best thing to do. Sitting up at a table helps provide a ‘working’ environment and vibe too.


On a normal working day you may take a shower, have breakfast, get dressed and travel to work. If travelling to work isn’t possible anymore starting your day with a shower and getting dressed can help with having a schedule. It brings an essence of normal routine back into your life and could prevent it from feeling like a permanent ‘duvet day’.

Take a break

Make sure you take breaks as you would normally do during a working day. These are essential to breaking up the working day because it’s not healthy to be sitting in one position all day. Maybe take your cup of coffee into the garden for 15 minutes. This will also provide fresh air which is good for the mind, body and soul. The government is outlining the fact that we can go out for exercise once a day. Maybe use this opportunity during your lunch break.

Benefits from being at home

Think of the travel money you’ll be saving, and carbon emissions will be dramatically reduced. No more expensive coffees or having to buy lunch every day.

Stay in touch

Feeling cut off from the outside world is hard, as human beings we need interaction. Office chat and banter, being able to just ask a question or bounce ideas off one another will not be as easy as before. Luckily, we have the internet and phones. Utilising certain apps can bring work colleagues all together again at the same time. So, there’s no need to feel completely shut off and miss out on the latest office joke.

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