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Project Details

Client: Coupon Shop

Date: 2nd February 2015


The Coupon Shop approached us looking for a multi-functional community based website. To meet their requirements we designed a bespoke CMS (content management system), allowing the client to update and add new content as often as they needed to. We added a forum to promote user discussion. The most technically impressive aspect of the project was building a comprehensive back end system allowing them to track and assess their user registrations and back stories.
Designed using the most up to date programming systems and techniques, the client is now able to see every as aspect of user interaction from when they logged on, to what they liked, what they shared and what they are posting. This kind of data mining can be a useful tool for further promotional work. The Coupon Shop team were impressed with the flexibility and ease of use of the finished project. In order to ensure that their brand awareness continues to grow, GT Creative will continue to work on their website as it evolves.

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