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iPhone & Android App Development

Native Apps are specifically developed to live on a mobile device as they are installed directly onto the device itself. Usually purchased through a application store like Google Play or Apple’s App Store. The  main benefit of developing a native app is you can take full advantage of the features of the device. For example, the camera, the GPS or a list of contacts. A native app can use a devices notification system and can work offline.

Our experienced developers at Green Tornado in Brentwood Essex can talk you through the entire process of building your app and get your app “store ready” by ensuring it meets the strict requirements of the App Store or Google Play.

App Expertise

Due to their complexity, apps can be a large project, requiring a substantial budget. We realise this and will suggest different price options, backed up with expert advice – to enable you to make the right decision about your mobile app project.

HTML5 Web Apps

If you’ve got a big idea you want to share on a small device, you need a mobile app. Mobile web apps aren’t limited to just popular operating systems such as Apple or Android, they’ll work on most smartphone browsers.

This means a much wider audience can access your app, and you don’t have to jump through hoops to get your app onto Apple’s App Store or Google Play!

Using the same technology that powers most of the web, mobile web apps have the appeal of being a much better value option, with a much wider audience.