Your Green Tornado Webmail

IMAP hostname:

IMAP port: 143


IMAP auth method: Normal password

SMTP hostname:

SMTP port: 587


SMTP auth method: Normal password

Webmail URL:

Incoming Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Server:

Everything you need to know about your Email

  1. Can you access the internet? (Can you get to
  2. Please check that you have the caps lock off!
  3. Please type the password instead of cutting and pasting, as you may be pasting a space at the beginning or end of the password!
  4. Please try using another browser (Chome or Firefox etc).
  5. Try on another device (mobile or another computer).
  6. If the above does not work, give us a call.

Incoming Server:

Incoming Username: [Your email address]

Outgoing Server:

Modern outlooks will automatically turn off SMTP authentication and use the SSL available.

If not, the customer will need to go to into “More Settings”. In the outgoing server tab, select the option “.

This server requires authentication” and switch to the “Use the incoming username/password”and in the connection tab, switch the SSL Security to Auto, and change outgoing server port to 465

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Your email address is the username.

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