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Bespoke Logo Design

A logo’s main purpose is to ensure that you, your organisation or business are instantly identifiable.

Logo design which identifies a company or product successfully will contain a symbol, mark or flag on it’s own or combined with a type lockup or signature. Your logo should identify your company, rather than signify what the company does, this will ultimately make you stand out and be remembered.

A logo is a fundamental part of marketing your business, and if done right will serve you well in years to come.

Brand & Identity

Your Brand : Your brand is how others perceive the personality of your business.

Your Logo : Your logo makes your business instantly recognisable

Your Identity: Your company has its own unique personality formed by all the visual aspects that make up the overall brand.

Design for Success

High quality, original and eye catching design can set your business apart from your competitors.

At Green Tornado in Brentwood, Essex we offer a bespoke design service. By using top of the range design software programs like Adobe Creative Suite and Quark, on high definition Apple Mac screens, we can ensure that all our artwork is both original and visually excellent before it is sent to you for approval.

Your artwork, your logo, your letterheads and in fact, every visual representation of your business should make customers aware of your companies personality in seconds. To ensure you get it right first time, GT Creative offers the very best in professional design concepts, software and bespoke web design.