Is My Website Still Optimised After Google’s Page Experience Update?

Google rolls out updates now and then, and it usually throws the digital world into a state of panic. The page experience update is no exception. Here we look at the key things you need to know about the new SEO ranking factors with the current Google updates.

New Metrics

There will be three new metrics, which are:

  • CLS – Cumulative layer shift. Sites that shift while loading will be marked down as this is annoying for the user.
  • FID – First input delay. If the response time to a click is long, you will be marked down.
  • LCP – Largest contentful paint. This tests how fast your page loads. If it takes longer than 1.5 seconds, your site is marked down.


As well as being visually pleasing for your target market, your website needs correctly placed headings, magnificent pictures, and excellent language. Even more so than before.


Page experience signals test your site’s performance to assess if the user experience is smooth and fast.


Pop-up adverts are irritating, and now you find that many sites have pop-ups asking them to sign up for emails. Google will look at sites that use these in detail.

Not Everything Is Changing

Things like ensuring your website is mobile and user-friendly remain crucial. Also, website security is paramount. The same rules regarding optimisation apply as before; you will just need to tweak it with the tighter requirements to stay ahead of the game and maintain a good ranking.

One spoils it for all

If you have 30 pages on your website, and three are bad, they will drag the site down in rankings. Be sure to see to any flawed pages.

Professional SEO

It is now more important than ever to work with an SEO specialist, such as Green Tornado, to ensure your website is fast, engaging, relevant, and performing well.

Check Your Status

Core Web Vitals allows you to monitor the performance of your website. This is a special tool and should be used regularly.

So, the key things to take away are that, while you should continue to focus on fresh, current, and professional SEO, you also need to marry it up with the latest changes and requirements to ensure your website does not get marked down when checked by Google.

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June 4, 2021 | Dave Fuller | Posted In : SEO
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