Google Algorithm Update – June 2019

Google has announced that a broad core update will roll out to various data centres from Monday 3rd June 2019. Google says this is not to ‘fix’ anything, but more so to enhance specific low-quality content and improve relevance. Showing searches the relevant results that they desire is about understanding search queries and content as well as eliminating spam. These updates are largely about how well Google understand web pages, bringing both sides together in order to produce more successful and relevant search results.

The Penguin Algorithm

The real-time Penguin algorithm deals with links and is a part of Google’s core algorithm. No official announcement has been made as to whether the Penguin algorithm is part of the June core update or not, but it has been mentioned that the Google team will continue to make improvements to the Penguin algorithm.

What Do You Need To Do?

The official guidance on what to do about the broad core algorithm update is to simply do nothing. It may sound unusual but that is the best advice. Sometimes Google updates can take 7-10 days to bounce around, so it is best to give it some time. These updates do not target specific markets, hence them being ‘broad’, they simply improve overall relevance. The importance of making your site relevant to Google searchers remains paramount and it is always best to think of how you can make your site more relevant rather than to fix current content. Comparing to sites that have better rankings to see how they make their business relevant in searches is a good place to start.

June 11, 2019 | Dave Fuller | Posted In : SEO
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