Five Things To Check On Your eCommerce Website

Is your business ready for an influx of orders this Christmas?  Is your website ready, willing and most importantly, able, to deal with a higher amount of online transactions than usual? Ensuring that you are able to take orders and payments as quickly and easily as possible is key to keeping hungry consumers buying from you during this peak season for shoppers.

The truth is, there is much more to it than just adding a Paypal account to your existing website. Have a look at what Huffington Post has to say about how you keep check on the performance of your eCommerce site post launch.

After all the time and money spent on building your new website, one important thing to keep in mind is that the time spent after the launch is just as important as the time spent before. There are several things you should check post-launch to ensure you are on the right path to success.

1. SEO Tags and Submissions: Many online retailers mistakenly fall under the impression that by simply listing your products or service is enough to rank you high amongst the search engines. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Optimizing your eCommerce site for SEO is not as easy as it is for other websites such as standard page websites or blogs. Several SEO mistakes eCommerce sites make are lack of product description, using product descriptions from manufacturers, failing to optimize product pages based on search demand, lack of creative unique titles/speaking URLS and a large amount of duplicate content. Take time to create content and keywords to increase your search engine ranking.

2. Work with your web developer to ensure the proper data tracking tools: Every company, especially online retailers, need to keep a close eye on who is visiting their website and what they do once they are on it. Having a tracking system in place will help collect data pertaining to your visitor traffic and aggregates that information into in-depth reports. Being able to track these measurements are vital to tracking leads, determining the best time to run sales on your page and what content is most frequently looked at.

The top recommended website analytics tool as you may know is Google Analytics which helps you keep track of your sites performance and identify which of your pages drive the most sales by checking transaction data. Google Analytics helps you track a number of things such as demographics, gender, age, interest, behavior and even their mobile device brand. Other effective tools include Compete, Alexa, Quant Cast and Stat Counter. Test a few out to see which tool is right for you.

3. Identify tools that will help you create compelling messages to potential customers/leads: Building an effective communication strategy should be your target goal for your website content. You want to make it as easy as possible for your audience to understand what you are providing and why. Each visitor should walk away with a clear picture of what you selling and what your brand stands for. Reviews, case studies, FAQs and any other material that will help validate your business should be easy to find with little navigation.

Along with providing detailed content on your website, the same should apply to your outbound marketing. To drive traffic to your page, create call to actions for your outbound communication whether it’s through your newsletter, email marketing campaigns or banners. If possible, provide a live chat feature to deliver responses immediately.

4. Segmentation and personalization of marketing initiatives: Personalized marketing continues to dominate the digital world. The tactics associated with personalized marketing are aimed to engage consumers with offers and services directed towards their personal wants and needs. While most marketers understand this, only 6 percent are actually implementing this to their marketing initiatives. According to recent studies, 45 percent of consumers prefer websites that provide tailored recommendations. Use case studies, data analytics, website cookies, customer surveys and social media to identify how you should develop and execute your marketing strategy.

5. Balance between live support and automated help: Nothing beats real human interaction when it comes to providing support for your customers. It’s okay to have automated help for simple questions that are frequently asked and easy to answer but you should always provide the option to speak to a live representative. If possible, provide around the clock support. While this may be a bit of an expense to have staff available 24/7, it may be the deciding factor between choosing you or a competitor especially during high season.

Brentwood based Green Tornado can design, develop and maintain an eCommerce site entirely suited to your particular needs. Call us today on 01277 849161 to find out more or have a look at some of our example eCommerce sites we have already created for happy and satisfied customers.


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