Dreaming Of A Digital Brochure?

Long gone are the days of just using glossy brochures to get your business out there. These days you need to be visible to audiences online and in print.  Your business needs to boast about its benefits to everyone and anyone who will listen, and that takes a multi-platform approach.

With more of your target audience viewing websites on tablets than ever before, you need to make your business brochure as accessible to the man perusing it on his morning commute, as you do to the man sat at his desk at work.

Digital Brochures are the way forward! Time to embrace all things new, and go digital!

Here at Green Tornado we not only design electronic and printed promotional material for our clients, we also champion our wares by having our very own downloadable brochure for all the world to see.

You can find it on our website, on our Facebook page, our Twitter feed and even on other social media.  We can send it by email, just as easily as we can pop a glossy one in the post to you.

Here are our top tips for anyone looking to get themselves a digital brochure, right now:

1. Keep It Clear And Simple

No one wants to read through reams of information and waffle to get to the point.  Keep it concise; less is definitely more.  Your brochure is a taster of what you offer, designed to whet the appetite of your potential new customer, not bore them senseless!

2. Use Really Good Images

Whether you are selling a product or a service, people like to see what they are getting.  Great quality images of your previous projects, or high quality product placement images are vital to giving your potential customers the feels about your business.

3. Remember Your Brand

Uber trendy brochures offering mind-boggling photos and pretentious quotes may seem like a good idea, but if the reader has to search high and low to find out who you are or what you are offering; they will get bored and give up.  On the flip side of this, there is no need to mention your brand name every other sentence.  Your customers aren’t daft, they will get it.

4. Design Is Key

Anyone can throw together some words and pictures and stick a logo on it, but designing a brochure that works is more difficult.  Think about the flow.  Like a good book, your brochure should have a beginning, middle and end.  It should peak your reader’s interest, without giving too much away.  Every page should offer something new to the reader, keep them on tenterhooks and wanting to know more about you.  If you start off with all your best bits, they won’t bother reading the rest.  Layout, design and the order of content are just as vital as it’s overall look.

5. Call The Troops To Action

Your brochure is basically a giant, informative business card.  If you forget to put contact details on it, then d’oh #epicfail!  You need to make sure you tell the reader what to do next.  Call us, email us, find us on Facebook etc etc.  These details must be easy to find and most importantly, correct!

Of course, if you would rather, just give us a buzz at Green Tornado and we can design your digital brochure for you.  Call us on Brentwood 01277 849161 or click here to contact us by email.


Green Tornado, Brentwood, Essex

September 7, 2015 | Laura | Posted In : Graphic Design
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