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Content Marketing & Blogging for your Business

A great website is not just about how it looks, what it says is just as important!
Your website content should be fresh and engaging and keep visitors to your site well informed about the products and services you offer. By keeping your content jargon free and easy to read you are offering the very best opportunity to turn visitors into customers.

Having good quality, original content can also help with Search Engine Optimisation. Search engines are content driven, and when they crawl your page they are looking for quality copy with links to other articles and relevant keywords. Writing this yourself, can seem like a daunting task. This is why we have an experienced copywriter on board, to provide you with just the right amount of informative and original content for both you and your customers.
Your target audience have come to your website for a reason, and good copy should keep them there, telling them everything they need to know in a simple and easy to read format.

Article Writing for your Blog or Website

Blogs offer a great opportunity to write about human interest articles and stories that are broadly related to your business.

Brilliantly written blogs and articles offer you further opportunities to climb search engine rankings, as well as ensuring that your website will always be alive and active. Most importantly, lively blogs attract lovely links! Links back to your website from sources that you may not otherwise have considered are worth their weight in gold.

We can write you regular blogs that are worth sharing. By focusing on news and lifestyle articles, a blog creates a talking point for your readers to engage in a conversation with you. Well written blogs and articles can even offer a call to action, ensuring that however readers access your blog, they will know exactly where it came from which will in turn, attract visitors back to your site.

Blogs should be an intrinsic part of any Social Media campaign.