How To Stay Safe Online

25th September | Dave Fuller

  The internet is becoming an ever-increasing part of our lives. Not only computers, but so many everyday items now come internet ready – televisions, mobile phones, even washing machines. As our world moves more and more towards online dependency, we should be ever aware of the people out there ready and willing to exploit […]

Social Media for your business

13th April | Dave Fuller

  In the modern business age, Social Media is the next best thing to sliced bread. Your Social Media profile is fast becoming one of the most important ingredients in your recipe for success. But what exactly is it about this form of media that makes it so important? Well, simply put, social media is […]

Why Facebook Advertising Works!

1st November | Laura

So, you’ve got your shiny new Facebook page all set up, you’ve invited all your friends and acquaintances to like it and you’ve shared the link everywhere you can – you must have loads of new likes and followers now, right? Wrong! Getting your brand out there via social media may seem like an easy […]

Facebook To Add A Dislike Button

15th September | Laura

After many long years of Facebook followers suggesting a ‘dislike’ button would be a handy tool to show their disgust at some of the very worst types of status updates, the Facebook Gods many finally be giving in to demand. Mark Zuckerburg, CEO of the social media giant, held a live question-and-answer session, streamed on […]

What’s Hot In Social Media This August

23rd August | Laura

SoMe – that’s trendy industry speak for “social media” to us normal folk – just gets bigger and better every year.  This summer there has been plenty to tweet and post about.  In this weeks blog, we take a look at what’s been generated the most interest on Twitter and Facebook this month. #looklikeanengineer When […]

Instagram – Instagreat for promoting your business!

20th March | Laura

Social Media is a big old buzzword when it comes to modern day marketing. We are all aware of how great Facebook and Twitter can be for growing brand awareness and bottom lines, but what about the other platforms out there? While the Vines and the Snapchats of the world all seem a little bit […]

Why It’s Brilliant To Blog!

13th November | Laura

Blogging – it’s one of those newfangled words we are all familiar with, but what does it actually mean? Well, a blog is a regularly updated web page, that is written in an informal or conversational style. Blog topics can be directly related to your business or can be more topical and newsworthy. Basically, blogs […]

Why It Pays to Pay Some Else To Build Your Social Media Profile!

27th October | Laura

Outsourcing Social Media – Why it pays to pay someones else to build your social profile. In the modern business age, Social Media is the next best thing to sliced bread. In fact, if you are a small to medium sized business, your Social Media profile is fast becoming one of the most important ingredients […]

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