The Importance Of Branding Guidelines

19th February | Laura

As a business, your branding is one of the most important aspects of the image you portray to your customers. Sure, your perfectly packaged products and services are what your customers are paying for, but the way your logo looks, and the colours, voice and feel of your company are equally as important at the […]

Dreaming Of A Digital Brochure?

7th September | Laura

Long gone are the days of just using glossy brochures to get your business out there. These days you need to be visible to audiences online and in print.  Your business needs to boast about its benefits to everyone and anyone who will listen, and that takes a multi-platform approach. With more of your target […]

Pet Peeves? Or Constructive Design Advice? Our Staff Speak Out…

17th July | Laura

Here at GT Creative we work our little socks off to make inspiring and functional websites and digital promotional material for our clients. For the initial meeting through to the final product we work with our clients to ensure we are able to make their visions comes to life in the very best way possible.  […]

Feel The Font, And Do It Anyway

21st May | Laura

Fonts are all around us! And no, we don’t mean the kind you find in a church, we mean the plethora of different typefaces we find on websites and printed material. Web designers have their favourites, client’s invariable prefer different ones. Whatever font you favour, there is no denying the typeface maketh the page! Typography […]

Love Your Logo!

7th May | Laura

Logos. They are everywhere. They are deeply ingrained in the modern day psyche of the commercial world. For many of us, you only need to look at one word, set in particular font, in a particular colour to instantly recognise an individual company. As a branding tool, your logo is just about the most important […]

Election Artwork For A New Generation

28th April | Laura

As the month of May approaches, you would pretty much have to have been stranded on a desert island not to notice that the General Election is almost upon us. The tabloids are busy discrediting politicians, the broadsheets are poking fun at them, John Snow is interviewing anyone he can find and the politicians themselves […]

50 Shades Of Grey….And Other Colours That Make Your Logo Stand Out!

19th February | Laura

Your logo should be as unique, individual and instantly recognisable as you are. To ensure your brand stands out from your competitors you need to not only offer a better service, more competitive prices and superior marketing – you also need to focus on how to “out-brand” them. That’s a lot to consider! So much […]

Loving Design In The Month Of Love

4th February | Laura

Ah – it’s February. Time to wallow in romance and enjoy that warm and fuzzy feeling. With Valentines Day slap bang in the middle of the month, it’s time to stop stressing about the small stuff and enjoy a little adoration. Come hold our hand as we have a quick glance at some of the […]

Lego – Why We Love It So!

12th January | Laura

Lego – those lovely, clicky little bricks are popular the world over, from 2- 102 years old everyone loves a lil’ bit o’ Lego! But what makes it just so popular? Well, it’s January and it’s cold out so we thought we’d lighten the mood with a look at why a toy designed for children […]

Marsala – The New Hue!

2nd January | Laura

Look sharp! There’s a new cool colour in town! As the cool creative types know, the folk at Pantone have released a new colour in time for 2015! The widely recognised Pantone Color Matching System is a colour reproduction system used in a variety of industries including printing, textiles and even the manufacture of paint […]

SNAP Charity Artwork – A Project Overview

17th November | Laura

At GT Creative we offer a variety of services encompassing all aspects of design and print, webdesign and digital marketing. We receive various types of requests and briefs from clients on a daily basis, and as much as we like them all, by far the most rewarding work we do is for local charities and […]

Great Graphic Design For Great Brand Exposure

31st October | Laura

Using great design in all your printed material helps your business deliver a strong message to potential customers. Good quality graphic design is essential for the effectiveness of any brand or marketing campaign. An experienced graphic designer will be able to offer you all the elements of good design. The basic principles, such as proximity, […]

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