Case Studies

Space Agency London

Space Agency London are a London based company that let office buildings in the London and Essex areas. They approached Green Tornado as a new company requiring a website, branding and stationery design and print.

Our web design team created a fresh website to compliment the new branding we had designed for them. We made a modern, stylish and customer friendly site that shows
the different office spaces they have available as well as allowing customers to log in using the client login portal. This portal is a fantastic resource for both the building owners and renters. As an owner you can keep all client details and update information for office renters frequently. You can add a client easily, as well as change or delete any details as required. You are also able to upload advertising images a well as assess and change pages for the renters to see upon login. As a renter you can quickly access space agency information as well as new office spaces available as they come up. You are also able refer a friend to the space owner and report any issues to them via email notification. A website that suits both the business and the customer while being fast and easy to use gives any company that cutting edge.

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