Case Studies

Long Island Shutters

Long Island Shutters are an established customer of Green Tornado, having used their digital and promotional services since 2007. They specialise in designing and installing bespoke plantation shutters for homes and businesses in Essex, London and the South East. Long Island Shutters’ business website captures their unique and personal services, with sections devoted to the different varieties of shutters available.

Green Tornado understands Long Island Shutters’ need to demonstrate the stunning shutters they offer most professionally, and created a new and innovative website to reflect this. SEO content is a crucial part of online presence for any business, and Green Tornado run effective SEO content, ensuring it is fresh, current and relevant. As a result, Long Island Shutters enjoy decent Google rankings and put their services in front of the ideal audience.

Promotional items such as brochures, flyers and stationery are a fantastic way of reaching potential customers and advertising the industry in which a business specialises. Green Tornado has designed and created professional and vibrant promotional items for Long Island Shutters.