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Ah, the end of July is fast approaching.  The kids will break up from school, the sun will shine and we will all revel in the glory of the British summertime.  Or not!  Usually it means 6 weeks of bored kids, rainy weather and beach holidays in the Costa’s. The summer is however a great time for us design types with so many events, exhibitions and general happenings for us to take inspiration from.

We’ve written a wee list of our favourites for you to enjoy.  Get out there and get inspired people!

1. Festival Season

Wellie boots, Daisy Duke’s, muddy fields and lost tents!  It’s all happening this summer.  From small indie music gatherings to the big guns like Reading, Leeds, Glastonbury and V – we love ’em all.  They all offer a great view of what’s down with the youth and the oldies alike.  From music, to fashion, food trends and art installations – they have them all.

2. Art Exhibitions

As Britain braces itself for the climax of the tourist season, there is loads to see and do.  Whether you are looking to enjoy more traditional artworks like those at the National Gallery or looking for something more contemporary like the McQueen exhibitions at the V&A, there is something for everyone.  The Tate Britain shows some amazing photographic works throughout the summer too, if that is more your thing.

3. Participatory art

Yep, means exactly what you think it does.  Crowd participation is fully encouraged. From Tarot Readers in The Museum Of Contemporary Art right through to the street entertainers in Covent Garden, all of these offer a great way to get involved with arts on the streets.

4. Nature At Its Best

If you are not much of a one for galleries or festivals, just get outside and check out the beauty of the British summertime. When the sun is shining nothing beats the beauty of the British countryside.  Breathe it in.  Let your senses awaken from the stuffy, claustrophobic air of the towns and cities and see our country at its finest.  The colours, sights, sounds and smells of summer snap the synapses and get the creative juices flowing.  Don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel the need to grab an easel!

5. Take Inspiration From Others (also known as drinking, eating and having fun!)

The British BBQ is a summer ritual that we all take part in.  Burnt burgers and sun burnt foreheads are an integral part of our summer holidays.  Spend time with friends, catch up, see what they are up to, shoot the breeze.  Take a break and get to know your neighbours.  Everyone has a story to tell, and sometimes that can be the most inspiring thing of all.

Whatever you are planning on doing, see the power of branding and design all around you.  We will all be taking some time out to recharge our little batteries and will be back shiny and new after our holidays.  Fear not, we will still be open over the holidays and here to create epic websites and awesome graphics for you.  Call us on 01277 849161 to find out more.

July 24, 2015 | Laura | Posted In : News Item
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