A Seasonal Business Needs A Year Round Website

If you are the owner of a seasonal business, you are probably knee deep in the silly season just about now! If your business benefits from the Great British summertime, August may well be your busiest month of the year. If you work within the travel or leisure industry, summer is certainly the peak time for many of you.  So we can assume that what with being so busy, you have probably put any plans to upgrade your website or re-design your promotional material to the back of your mind?  It’s great being busy, but to ensure that you keep busy, you must maintain a high level promotional strategy all year round.

But what to say out of season?

Well, it may seem that you have nothing to promote if your business is  quiet out of season, or the goods or services your sell are only suitable to certain times of the year, but keeping your clients engaged all year round, means they never have the desire to leave your side.

Take your website for example.  Why not use the quiet months to update your blogs, run competitions or keep your followers engaged with interesting articles or stories. You could even considering running cross promotions with businesses you may work with during your peak season.  Use these moments of downtime to ask customers for feedback, and look at ways of increasing your presence across multiple platforms.  If you aren’t using it already, your quiet season is the time to explore new promotional avenues on social media and other alternative ways to reach potential new customers.

A nice example:

grassroots capture

Grass Roots Tree and Gardening Services

Grass Roots Tree Services are a local tree company that offers garden maintenance, tree work and topiary supplies.  Established in 2008, they came to us for a new website.  At our first consultation we established that they are far busier in the warmer months and very quiet during the winter.  The proprietor advised us that he also sold topiary trees as a side line to his business.  After further meetings, it was decided that we should offer the visitor an opportunity to purchase topiary trees online all year round.  The website was designed to reflect all the Grass Roots services, meaning more business generated from the internet and a very happy client.

Add Content All Year Round

Whether it’s your peak time or not, you still need to keep your up your online presence. To do that you will need to continue creating remarkable online content. You want to keep your target audience interested in the information you have to offer them, so you can continue to build and develop relationships with them. Don’t stop all your advertising and social media activity the minute your season ends.  Continue to regularly update all your platforms, to keep your audience engaged.  The quiet season is a great time to ask for feedback from your existing customers, and start posting reviews on the internet.  It’s also a good time to start thinking about running promotions or competitions.

At the end of your busy season, don’t let all your hard work go to waste. Keep working away in the background to ensure that your customers don’t forget about you.  Here at GT Creative we can offer ongoing social media campaign planning and management to keep your audiences on board on year round. Call us on 01277 849161 to find out more.






August 8, 2015 | Laura | Posted In : Web Design
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