The Importance of Concise Content and Brilliant Blogging

this day and age it is more important than ever to ensure that your
website offers up to date and coherent information about the products
or service you offer. Visitors to your site will not only want to
see a beautifully designed and responsive website, but also
informative, easy to read text advising your potential new customers
of exactly what your business is all about

should never be considered an afterthought or an add-on when
designing a website. Good content can ultimately help to improve your
bottom line, and should complement the design of your website. Clear
and concise content is the key to keeping the visitor on your site
long enough to fully digest all the information on there.

only is it important that you are able to convey information easily
to visitors to your site, good content also works wonders for your
SEO. Search engines like Google absolutely adore original,
well-written and informative content. Long gone are the days of
simply throwing keywords into your copy with a “more the merrier”
attitude. Google searches for much more than just the relevance and
repetition of words.

not just the plain prose in your website that helps to attract
visitors either. Adding a Blog page to your website offers an
additional tool to be used in the constant battle to boost search
engine rankings.

can add a blog page to their website, but the key to making your
blogs work for you is quality and consistency. Blogs offer an
excellent way to acquire new customers by giving you a chance to
write more about the products or services you offer, and
demonstrating that you really are an expert in your field.

also offer opportunities to include more back links on your site, and
more pages, which in turn generates a bigger footprint for your
website, which again Google is very fond of!

a well written blog article is a great
way for visitors to become familiar with the human side of your
business, rather than hiding behind a more corporate image. People
buy people at the end of the day!

Creative offers a comprehensive copywriting and blog service to
either be incorporated into your bespoke web design needs, or as a
stand alone service to complement your existing website.

us on 01277 849161 or
click here to contact us by email.

October 24, 2014 | Laura | Posted In : Content
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