A Guide To Printed Promotional Material


your line of business, there will no doubt be a point where you need
to use printed material to promote your products or services.
Whether you are a new start up or your are looking to grow your
current customer base, printed promotional material are a very
successful way to get your information out there.

which is the best product for you to use? Our quick guide should
give you a brief idea of the most popular options out there.



are often also known as a leaflets, and are usually a small piece of
paper (usually around A4 or A5 size) that are printed on one side
only. Flyers are best for small scale marketing campaigns, or when
you have a small amount of people to cover. Flyers are often given out
by hand or placed at point of sale for customers to pick up and keep.
They are most suitable to promoting a one off event, or promotion.
The main purpose of a flyer is to offer a small, time sensitive
amount of information that will be eye catching to the reader.
Flyers are often considered a low cost option.

are most often used for:

  • Announcement
    of events, openings, special offers or one off promotions
  • Product
    sheets offer specs for products
  • Fact
    sheets handed out as a quick guide or at exhibitions, trade shows or



leaflet usually offers a higher quality of design than a flyer and
will offer more information. They are often printed in full colour
and on better quality paper. Leaflets are often printed on a larger
size of paper than a flyer. Due to the higher reprographic quality
it is important to remember that leaflets may cost more to produce
than flyers.

are most often used for:

  • Handing
    our to a targeted market to promote your product, service or
  • Inserting
    in to local newspapers or other media
  • Leaving
    them at point of sale
  • To
    catch the attention of prospective customers in a high quality and
    professional way



brochure is an unbound booklet (i.e. without a hard cover but still
bound). They will usually consist of a number of pages that are
printed on both sides and folded or bound in the crease to make a
simple book.

brochure will offer a high level of quality and lots of information
about your product or service. Brochures are useful in business
communication, to educate, persuade or entertain your intended

are most often used for

  • Business
    proposals, promotions or information heavy promotional materials
  • When
    a high level of photographs are required
  • To
    promote businesses or services in the most professional way
    possible, and in a manner that suggests the information should be
    kept by the reader and is not throw away information.



newsletter is an alternative way to educate and inform both potential
and existing customers. Newsletters are a popular choice as they can
be printed or sent via email.

are one of the best ways to keep your name in front of the eyes of
your clients, associates and others in your target market.
Newsletters allow you to promote many areas of your business in one
document. Newsletter articles can be engaging, informative and
helpful to your readers.

Creative is able to assist you with all your promotional material
needs. Contact us
for more information, or call us direct on 01277 849161.

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