How to Create an Effective Company Logo

They are everywhere. They are deeply ingrained in the modern day
psyche of the commercial world. For many of us, you only need to
look at one word, set in particular font, in a particular colour to
instantly recognise an individual company.

a branding tool, your logo is just about the most important part of
your entire marketing campaign. Get it right, and your logo speaks
volumes about your business in one easy, quick to recognise fell swoop!
Get it wrong though, and you could be stuck with it forever.

long and hard when thinking about your company logo. Its not just
your company name in pretty colours, its a visual representation of
what your company stands for. Here are a few pointers from us at GT

off, think about your brief:- do you have an idea in your head
already? Are you looking to use your company name? Or just a symbol?

Either way can be successful depending on the business marketplace
you are entering in to. Here are a few examples of both:

Think long and hard about the market place in which you want your
business to succeed. Are you a local business for example, or are
you looking to offer global services? Do you have an existing
branding design you need to tie in which your logo? Are you looking
to appeal to a particular kind of market or age group? Or even, if
you want to include any tag lines or specific marketing message you
need to shoe horn in there?

you have made these decisions, step back and start simple. The most
obvious, and most often overlooked element in a good logo is
simplicity! Your logo should not come at the consumer all guns
blazing with bells and whistles attached, flashing lights and too
much text. It should be simple, smart, to the point and easily
recognisable. Keeping that in mind your most important factors to
consider will be as follows

1. Font

font is the type of text eg. Times New Roman. Different fonts can
convey different emotions, i.e. serious and business like to fun and
engaging. Font is the absolute key to good design, particularly for
text based and combination logos. The more classical fonts like Times
New Roman lend themselves to more traditional logos. A good designer
can even customise a font for your business, to add character and
create a bespoke logo. Don’t go too mad though – some fonts really
don’t work well together and can leave your target audience cross-eyed
from staring too long to try and work out just what your logo
actually says.

2. Colour

colours engender different emotions. Red for example, can convey
passion and intensity, whilst green is often used in reference to
money and environmental issues. Design your logo in black and white
in the first instance, then start to add colours to see what works
best. Again, the key is simplicity. A rainbow coloured explosion
may be too much to read easily and your target audience may bot be
able to identify your brand. Also, some colours really dont work
together or can look weak and insipid on different paper or on
monitors or screens. Take your time when working with colours to
ensure you get it just right in the end.

and when you think you have it down, take a minute to look really
closely at your new logo. Not only do you need to be happy with it,
but ultimately you need to think that it encapsulates the nature and
feeling of your business in a very small space. You only get one
chance to make a first impression, so make sure your logo is as
impressive as it can be.

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October 16, 2014 | Laura | Posted In : Graphic Design
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