Why It Rocks To Be Responsive!

In these technologically
advanced times, we spend lots of time glued to different devices.
The internet offers you everything you could ever want. From holidays
to houses, groceries to gifts – you can find whatever your heart
desires online. But the way we view the internet is forever
evolving. Long gone are the days of sitting down to your tower PC.
Smart phones and tablets have changed the way we view websites

As a business owner,
it is imperative that your website is able to be viewed across all
platforms. This is where responsive web design makes all the
difference. A website that can be shrunk to fit all screens, and
still offer complete usability is the way forward. A fully responsive
website means:

You only need one website:

As the mobile website
industry took hold, most companies would have two websites; one
optimized for mobile users and a classic website designed for use on
laptops and PC’s. By developing a fully responsive website you only
need the one. Whilst this may take longer to build initially, one
well coded responsive site will mean less work in the longer term.

Google prefers a
responsive website:

As of April this year,
internet search engine giant Google announced that it would be giving
search ranking preferences to sites that are “mobile-friendly”.
By resisting the needs to change your website to a more responsive
format, your website could be getting buried at the bottom of your
potential visitors searches.

You visitors will
get the very best user experience:

Internet consumers are
savvy creatures. They can also be impatient. If your website is
slow to load or is confusing to use, they will be gone as quickly as
they came. Click throughs to your site that don’t end in a purchase
or other call to action, are not productive. Your visitors need to be
able to read text, see content, purchase goods or fill in forms as
quickly on a tablet or smart phone as they could do on a PC.

Responsive design is so
much more than just a buzzword generated by developers. It is the way
forward to web design. Investing now could increase both your search
engine rankings and your bottom line.

GT Creative can offer you
the very best responsive solutions for your website design. Call us
on 01277 849161 to find out more.

May 14, 2015 | Laura | Posted In : Web Design
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