Let’s Get Ready To Grumble, Or Better Still, Let’s Not!

As a company of web designers, delivering perfectly formed
websites for our clients is the aim of our game. We listen to our
clients needs with both ears open. We cheerfully design logos, draw
up wire frames and and work our creative magic with the content. We
photo shop pictures to make them look just right and go through code
with a fine tooth comb to make sure all the workings of the new site
are just right.

So why then, if we spend so much time on these projects, and
nuture them as if they were our own, do we sometimes have grumbles
from less than happy clients? Surely this should never happen right?
Well no actually, it should – because the relationship between a web
design company and a client is a process of communication and growth
and sometimes needs to take the long way round to turn the end
product into a completed work of art.

To ensure that we are getting it just right more times than not,
we take the time to talk to our clients, to get to know them, to
understand the inner most recesses of their minds when it comes to
the vision they have for their business. We offer them tea and hold
their hands through the process of the initial meeting. The more we
understand our clients, the better the finished website will be.
Their needs ultimately become our needs as we find the best way to
turn their ideas into a website that will be ready for anything!

To avoid grumbles and misunderstandings as the project progresses,
we try to gauge as much as we can during our first meeting.

As a rule of thumb there are obvious questions we need ask to get
things started:

1. Corporate Identity

We need to know all about the business. It’s name, it’s market
place, the products or services it offers. Everything is important and
nothing should be left out.

2. A description of what the company does

Simply put, and in words
that make it easily understandable to the man in the street (that’s

3. Competitors

Knowing what the
competition is up to is a great way to beat them.

4. Favorite Sites

Finding out what appeals to our clients, is a key way to
understand what ultimately turns them on when it comes to webdesign.

5. Selling

Easy enough, every business has it’s USP’s and we need to know
what they are.

6. User goals

What is the end game here? Is the website selling
products online? It is an information source? Is it directing
visitors to a call to action? We need to know what it should be
doing, so we can insure that it does!

7. Target Audience

Who is the website aimed at? Trendy young 20 somethings,
families with kids or silver surfers? Different designs and layouts
are attractive to different sectors of society.

8. Accessibility & Usability

Any special needs (eyesight, language, mobility,
reading level?)

9. Site Features

Does the site need to
provide any other features? A blog page for example, a forum, an
events calender?

10. Anything Else?

Yep, just as obvious as
it sounds! We talk to our clients to see if there is anything else
we are missing out on!

So, if you happen to be a client who is looking for a web design company, we could be just the one for you. We understand that that the road to perfection can be a bit rocky sometimes, but when armed with all the right information upfront we can get your website designed to suit your needs perfectly. Call us on 01277 849161 or click here to contact us by email.

April 21, 2015 | Laura | Posted In : Web Design
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