Election Artwork For A New Generation

As the month of May approaches, you would pretty much have to have been stranded on a desert island not to notice that the General Election is almost upon us. The tabloids are busy discrediting politicians, the broadsheets are poking fun at them, John Snow is interviewing anyone he can find and the politicians themselves are all very busy on Twitter.

As is the way these days, the bigger parties run their campaigns as an excercise in brand awareness. Eye-catching logos, beguiling slogans, trendy twitter tags and social media posts are all around us as the previously fogey institutions of government have changed over the years to try and entice a younger follower. Getting the young vote is key to the success of any campaign, and reaching out to the “youth” by highjacking their social media platforms seems very much the way of the spin doctor in the run up to this election.

But how do the younger voters respond to this approach? Well, we would like to answer this using the medium of art! Well, actually The Guardian newspaper asked art students to capture the real Britain in the run-up to the 2015 general election – as they see it. We picked the best images and slogans for our Blog but you can see the full article here. With inspiration taking from everything from Nirvana to Beyonce and rave posters, we think this an excellent example of how politics affects youth culture and how to use great design!

Never mind minimum wage. Gabie Shadbolt, BA Graphic Design, Camberwell College of Art.Never Mind Minimum Wage, by Gabie Shadbolt, Camberwell College of Art

To the Left Harriet Bishop, Ba graphic design, Camberwell College of Arts

To the Left, by Harriet Bishop, Camberwell College of Arts

Hardworking Poster Laura Gordon, visual communication, Royal College of Art

Hardworking Poster, by Laura Gordon, Royal College of Art

Election Event Poster Helen Taranowski, design for visual communication, London College Of Communication, University of the Arts

A General Election rave anyone?

Election Event Poster, by Helen Taranowski, London College Of Communication, University of the Arts

Selling Politics Like Soap Powder. Nazia Hussain, BA (Hons) Fine art, University of Bedfordshire

Selling Politics Like Soap Powder, by Nazia Hussain, University of Bedfordshire

Design Sells!

In the same way that the political parties need our votes, your business needs it’s customers! To ensure your business is promoting itself as it should, you need to focus on using unique, eye-catching and memorable designs in all your promotional material. GT Creative can help you with this. Call us on 01277 849161 or click here to contact us by email.

April 28, 2015 | Laura | Posted In : Graphic Design
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