Easter And The Sweet Taste Of Great Design!

So, Easter is over, but the chocolate eating is most probably not quite done with yet! Do you over do it? We did! Now we have a ton of choc left over that we really shouldn’t eat, but probably will have stuffed it all by the end of the week!

So, did the guy with the bunny ears bring you the usual favourites – or were you blessed with slightly more inspired designs? As with every thing else in the world, the confectionary people have their trends too. This year was all about the packaging! Expensive chocolate beautifully wrapped in exsquisite looking boxes and bags, or with witty, too cool for school tag lines and back stories. Here are some of out faves that we didn’t receive this Easter!

1. Sea Salt Caramel Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Sea Salt Caramel Fudge

“Land ahoy!
Mr Greenwood is taking a whirl around the bay in his new yacht. Safely
stowed in his duffle bag is his famous Sea Salt Caramel
flavoured Milk Chocolate Egg. Sweet and salty at the same time like a
kiss from a Norfolk seal. For elevenses he has about his person a bag
of handmade Sea Salt Caramel Fudge which he eats with great gusto washed
down with a nice cuppa.
Miss Hope would like to inform you that Mr Greenwood does not own a

We kid you not – this is actually what it says on the Hope and Greenwood website. Salted caramel is one of the top “artisan” flavours this year, and having quirky content from a seemingly loveable cottage industry is something the hippest of the hip adore. Traditional style, vintage inspired packaging adds to its’ nostalgic beauty.

2. Roberto Cavalli Zebra Egg

Flip the coin and consider the high end luxury of a designer brand. For the seasoned WAGs amongst us, or those with more money than sense – this £29.99 beauty was a limited edition designer Egg sold through Harrods. Zebra print smacks of trendy, exotic and expensive tastes. For fashionistas everywhere, this sexy egg was high on their lists. Simply packaging allows the egg to make enough of a statement all on its own.

3. Ombre Pink Blonde Chocolate Egg from The Chocolate Society

Yep, its a pink(ish) egg – for grown ups! Decorated with a striking gradient design, this Ombre Pink Blonde Chocolate Egg from The Chocolate Society
is alledged to have been “a masterpiece of both presentation and taste.” Again, made by a small
family-run artisan chocolatiers, this beautiful egg is fit for even the most demanding
chocolate connoisseur. Atisan chocolates and cheeses are all the rage this year, and this one is unusually coloured – enough said!

4. Hotel Chocolat The Supermilk Facet Easter egg

So, apparently the Supermilk Facet Egg takes an unexpected angle on the classic Easter
egg, cast with a jewelled facet design that looks like a spectacular
‘chocolate diamond’ emerging from a smooth chocolate eggshell.Our
delicious new 65% cocoa milk chocolate gives you all the goodness of
dark chocolate and the mellow indulgence of milk, with much less sugar! Oooh beautifully designed and not quite as bad for you! How fabulous! We are not so sure it looks like a “chocolate diamond” but it does look quite easy to break into mouthsize peices for easy eating.

5. Maison Pierre Marcolini’s Nesting dolls

How cute are these? Definitely not kids eggs though! These quirky, yet classic Russian doll sets are each filled with
praline eggs. Large Doll £45, Medium Doll £35 and Little Dolls £13.90.
All come in a choice of milk or dark chocolate and are available
exclusively in- store at Pierre Marcolini. Great for the grown up kids in your life – who like a bit of high end chocolate, that is beautifully designed and looks too good to eat!

6 . Pierre Herme: Oeuf Galets

Describing itself as “a
tribute to the Pure Origin Peruvian Dark Chocolate, Morropón Province,
Asprobo Community, 64% cocoa. This egg is chocolate with a unique typicality, it is a bitter cacao, powerful with a long finish and almost lactic aromas.
Decorated with colourful Galets Azur, Galets Chloé, Galets Intense,
Galets Infiniment Vanille, Galets Mogador, Galets Infiniment Caramel
that prolong the tasting with the Fetish flavours of the Maison Pierre
Hermé Paris. Erm yeh, so that’s probably about as over the top as an Easter Egg can get. Still, it looks pretty right?

The Luxurious Magazine Easter Treats Guide

7. La Maison Du Chocolat: The Easter Atelie

Feeling flush? You would need to be to have snapped this little beauty up. Retailing at a mere £745 The Easter Atelier, dark, milk and white chocolate, and praliné eggs weighs in at 5 kg and includes 900 grams of Easter garnishes.Wow! Cute,fun, probably very very tasty and really expensive. Never mind the packaging on this one – the craftmanship that has gone into the chocolate treat is beautiful enough.

However your chocolate came wrapped, we hope you enjoyed it. Packaging is the easiest way to get your product noticed. So whether you are are selling chocolates, or drill bits – how you package them, as well as how you brand them makes all the difference. GT Creative can help you re-brand, repackage and even re-launch your product. Call us on 01277 849161 or click here to contact us by email.

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