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Social Media is a big old buzzword when it comes to modern day marketing. We are all aware of how great Facebook and Twitter can be for growing brand awareness and bottom lines, but what about the other platforms out there?

While the Vines and the Snapchats of the world all seem a little bit like toys for teenagers, Instagram is a well established photo sharing website that is actually beginning to fall under the radar of media marketeers as they search for more and more ways to reach new audiences.

Being able to instantly share photos, with tags and hashtags and send them out into the ether in an instant is a great way of enhancing your brand awareness, especially if you are trying to reach a younger demographic.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to getting your name out there on social media, but if you are using Instagram consider the following:

Rogue Ales – a craft
brewery based in Newport, Oregon with over 3,000 Instagram followers,
shared photo of its many varieties of ales, porters, lagers, stouts
and spirits, effectively reminding fans that they have something for

Show How It’s Made

Everyone likes to know how things are made, and a photo sharing App is the perfect way to do just that. Use a collage app and show how its made in pictures to keep your followers interested.

Go Behind the Scenes

If you are getting ready for a big launch – why not keep a photo diary of the hard work that has been going on behind the scenes? A photo shoot, advert, make us session, food tasting or anything that shows the behind the scenes side of a getting a product ready for market.

Show What Your Products Can Do

Sometimes our imagination
only takes us so far. Use Instagram to create demand by helping
consumers imagine new or novel uses for what you offer.

Sometimes our imagination
only takes us so far. Use Instagram to create demand by helping
consumers imagine new or novel uses for what you offer. Display examples of your products or post pretty pictures of them being used by your followers.

This can work really well if you are selling fashion or beauty products.


Beauty giant Sephora often posts pictures of before and after for their make up and skincare products.

Give a Sneak Peek

Make your Instagram followers feel special by giving them a sneaky preview of whatever is going on with your business. New product launches, new premises or even new staff can all make for gripping posts. If you share them to Facebook and Twitter to, sneak peak posts make great content for sharing.

Show Your People

There is much more to every business than just the products it sells. The people who work the 9-5 and all the others hours in between are the people that literally make your business work. Your followers will like to see this, to feel they have a more personal connection with you and your business.

Take the opportunity to introduce the members of your team, post a picture and write a little bit about them, their experience and what they bring to the team. Show photos of brainstorming sessions or meetings, or even the staff enjoying some downtime on a company trip out.

Share Celebrity Sightings

Let’s face it. We live in a
society that is crazy about celebrities—we know who they’re dating, what
they’re eating and where they go to vacation.

Cash in on celebrity and share pictures of them interacting with your brand,
whether they’re signing autographs at your sponsored event, speaking,
visiting your office or even using your products or services. These
posts will be sure to get followers talking. Don’t forget to tag the celeb!

Need some examples of making Instagram instantly great? Check out some of these brands that are making their own mark on the photo-sharing group.

Oreos Nike Audi Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Gucci Converse MTV

However you chose to use Instagram, our trained media professionals at GT can help you with every aspect of your social media marketing campaign. Perhaps you just don’t have to time to post online everyday, or write blogs – or maybe you don’t know where to start with setting up accounts? Whatever you need, we can help you with it. Call us on 01277 849161 or click here to contact us by email.

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