Comic Relief – Why We Love To Laugh!

Today see’s the return of Red Nose Day for Comic Relief. Since its launch in 1988, Red Nose Day has
become something of a British institution. It’s the day, every two
years, when people across the land can get together and do something
funny for money at home, school and work. It also offers an entire night of TV on the BBC, with comedy and entertainment to inspire the nation to give generously. Comic Relief spends the money raised by Red Nose Day to help people living tough lives across the UK and Africa. So it’s a great way to raise money for those that need it. It’s also a great day to lighten up a little and enjoy the benefits of a little laughter! Plus, it’s Friday!

Now, we know that we normally blog about design matters, but as a team of creatives, working for a creative company – we like to enjoy the lighter side of life! Great design talks to you, and evokes a wide array of feelings – sometimes to pull on the heart strings, sometimes to excite and sometime just to make the reader smile!

So as you enjoy a day designed to make mirth, remember that laughing is actually very good for you. Now for the science bit…

1. Laughing lowers blood pressure

People who lower their blood pressure,
even those who start at normal levels, will reduce their risk of
strokes and heart attacks. So grab the Sunday paper, flip to the
funny pages and enjoy your laughter medicine.

2. Reduces stress hormone levels

You benefit from reducing the level of
stress hormones your body produces because hormone-level reduction
simultaneously cuts the anxiety and stress impacting your body.
Additionally, the reduction of stress hormones in your body may
result in higher immune system performance. Just think: Laughing
along as a co-worker tells a funny joke can relieve some of the day’s
stress and help you reap the health benefits of laughter.

3. Fun ab workout

One of the benefits of laughter is that
it can help you tone your abs. When you are laughing, the muscles in
your stomach expand and contract, similar to when you intentionally
exercise your abs. Meanwhile, the muscles you are not using to laugh
are getting an opportunity to relax. Add laughter to your ab routine
and make getting a toned tummy more enjoyable.

4. Improves cardiac health

Laughter is a great cardio workout,
especially for those who are incapable of doing other physical
activity due to injury or illness. It gets your heart pumping and
burns a similar amount of calories per hour as walking at a slow to
moderate pace. So, laugh your heart into health.

5. Boosts T cells

T cells are specialized immune system
cells just waiting in your body for activation. When you laugh, you
activate T cells that immediately begin to help you fight off
sickness. Next time you feel a cold coming on, add chuckling to your
illness prevention plan.

6. Triggers the release of endorphins

Endorphins are the body’s natural
pain killers. By laughing, you can release endorphins, which can help
ease chronic pain and make you feel good all over.

7. Produces a general sense of

Laughter can increase your overall
sense of well-being. Doctors have found that people who have a
positive outlook on life tend to fight diseases better than people
who tend to be more negative. So smile, laugh and live longer!

So let’s all have a good laugh today, and make sure we find time to smile everyday! GT Creative can help you release the endorphins triggered by knowing that your website is being designed by a professional team of developers who will make it not only look amazing, but work to it’s full capacity too!

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March 13, 2015 | Laura | Posted In : Content
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