Llamas, dramas and a colourblind dress! Twitter gets the week of it’s life!

been a busy week for Social Media, what with Madonna taking a tumble
off the stage at the Brit awards, escaping Llamas in Arizona and an
unusual argument about the colour of a dress. Unless you’ve been
living in a cave for the past 7 days, you will no doubt be aware of
at least one of the above “news” stories.

that’s the wonder of social media right there! If a celebrity sneezes
in Australia, its news in London within seconds (not a great example,
but you get what we mean). So what exactly is this super fast
sharing device for the banal and the trivial? Well, Twitter is
defined as…

online social networking service that enables users to send and read
short 140-character messages called “tweets”. These
“tweets” read and shared the world over”

a platform for sharing your thoughts it is instantaneous and
relevant, immediate and easy to read and use. It takes only fraction
longer to type out your text than it does to think it! More
pertinently, that means in only takes a very short time to spread
short bursts of information about your business to millions of
would-be customers. As a route to using social media for promotional
purposes, Facebook is the major player, but Twitter adds a light
hearted twist to it.

this weeks blog, we thought we’d have a whimsical review of the
events that sent Twitter tweet-tastic this week!

off, The Brit Awards 2015 (#BRITAwards in case you’re interested)
would have just about managed to rouse a minimal amount of personal
opinion was it not for poor Madonna and THAT fall! Within minutes
#shefellover #fallenmadonna and #capefear were trending. The world
and his wife had something to say about it all.

up this week came the hilarity that was two Llamas running around the
highways of Arizona. So excited were we all (eventually) that
#llamadrama soon became the top trending tweet, with news crews in
the USA running full live coverage of the event until the rampaging
Llamas were recaptured. Twitter loves a llama or two.

came #thedress! The clues is definitely in the title for this one,
but why would a dress be worthy of it’s own hashtag? Well this
particular dress had the Social Media world up in arms as celebrities
and civilians alike argued over what colour it was! Starting as an
innocent tweet asking for advise, it very nearly broke the internet
with Facebook, Twitter and even the regular press going crazy for an
explanation of how one dress can appear different colours to
different people. In case you missed it, here’s the deets…

#thedress – what do you see? White and gold or blue and black? Click to find out more…

what can we ascertain from this weeks social silliness? Well, a
story spread on Twitter is likely to be a hit, of course. The real
world news will always be a talking point for us all, but these
little breaks from the serious business of day to day life seem to be
the best type of fodder for social media platforms. Perhaps there are
ways to promote your business using this type of light hearted
banter? There absolutely is, if you have the time and the energy to
be on board. Most professionals are too busy running their business
to spend all day researching Twitter looking for whats trending, but
specialist media marketeers like our team at GT Creative can find
ways to keep your company bang on (twitter) trend.

us on 01277 849161 or click here to contact us by email.

February 27, 2015 | Laura | Posted In : Content
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