50 Shades Of Grey….And Other Colours That Make Your Logo Stand Out!

Your logo should be as unique, individual and instantly recognisable as you are. To ensure your brand stands out from your competitors you need to not only offer a better service, more competitive prices and superior marketing – you also need to focus on how to “out-brand” them. That’s a lot to consider! So much so, that business owners often hand the design of their logo’s and branding materials over to a graphic designer to save on time and effort. But does this mean that you logo lacks the personal touch? If you haven’t got the time or the artistic eye to come up with a logo on your own, at least take the time to think of a colour scheme that really represents your brand.

Every colour has different inferences to the end user. Bright and bold colours for example, are eye catching but can appear harsh. Cooler, muted tones may suggest an air of sophistication but can often be overlooked. Every colour has its’ own voice. Think carefully about your product, your target audience and the way in which you want to promote it. As a guide, here are some of the meanings ascribed to particular colours on society today:

RED is a go-to colour to catch attention. It can suggest passion, danger, urgency, warmth and heat. It’s a great colour to add a hint of into your logo design, but an entirely red graphic can look too bright and may not be easy to read. Red can also make a great background colour – think of the simplicity of the Coca Cola design – white writing on a red background is easy to read and instantly recognisable. Adding tones of read can make you logo feel more dynamic.

BLUE is a colour that’s often used in corporate logos. It implies professionalism, serious mindedness, integrity, sincerity and calm. Blue is also associated with authority and success, and for this reason is popular with both financial institutions and government bodies. The calming nature of the colour blue is also very popular for those working in the health and wellbeing industries – often combined with images of water.

BLACK is a colour with many meanings, Not only can it imply power, sophistication and simplicity, it also commands an air of seriousness and is a very sombre colour. Black logos are a great way to solve the problem of how to create a graphic for use in media where colour options are not available. The current trend for bold monochrome logo’s works well, but they still need to be well designed to avoid them looking to amateur.

PINK is a popular colour for products targeted at the female audience. It’s is bright and fun and can stand out well on a page. A great choice for those in the beauty or lifestyle industries, but oddly not proven to work so well in fashion and retail as it can make the product appear too “girlie”.

makes us think of
royalty and luxury. It has long been associated with the church,
implying wisdom and dignity, and throughout history it has been the
colour of wealth and riches. It’s a great colour to stand out from
the crowd and a good choice for promoting upmarket brands or

is commonly used when a company wishes to emphasise their natural and
ethical credentials, especially with such products as organic and
vegetarian foods. Other meanings ascribed to it include growth and
freshness, and it’s popular with financial products too. Green is another very calming colour and can also work well for companies promoting health and wellbeing products or services.

Once you have settled on a colour for your logo design think about whether you want to use just the one, or maybe combine a mixture of them?

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Oh, and by the way Grey really does come in many shades and is a popular choice for the type within logos as it is neutral and works well with most other colours. Once the fuss about the film has passed, and Mr Grey and his antics have been reassigned to the bargain DVD bins, we will ensure that your logo really will stand the test of time.

February 19, 2015 | Laura | Posted In : Graphic Design
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