Loving Design In The Month Of Love

Ah – it’s February. Time to wallow in romance and enjoy that warm and fuzzy feeling. With Valentines Day slap bang in the middle of the month, it’s time to stop stressing about the small stuff and enjoy a little adoration. Come hold our hand as we have a quick glance at some of the best Valentines Day cards, featuring unusual and quirky designs for you to send your unusual and quirky other half. There really is a card out there to suit everyone, and with our canny eye for design, we thought we would share some of our favourites with you.

1. Cards For A Design Freak

Valentine's Day greeting cards

Pantone is the universally accepted colour recognition system used by designers worldwide. In fact, it’s so well known we’ve even written our own blog on it, check it out here “Marsala – The New Hue!” But we digress. Designers are perfectionists and can be critical about the work other folk produce – so why not give the designer in your life a card specially designed to tickle their tastebuds. Here at GT Creative our designers work hard to ensure every colour they chose from the Pantone armour is exactly what the client is looking for.

2. Cards For A Fellow Nerd

Whether your love flows in binary code, QR codes or any other kind of software language, there is a card out there for you. Computer coding is a particular skill, and one that not everyone knows exists. Many of us don’t see how much hard work goes into designing and making the templates, wire-frames and coding that makes a website exist. So show your appreciation in their own language.

3. Cards For A Star Wars Fan

How awesome is this?! By using the space usually kept for Mr Vaders mouthpiece and turning it into a cute little heart, Star Wars fans will go gooey with delight at this card. There are plenty of clever designs based on the Star Wars brand. The brand is easily recognised and has been around for many years, which makes it easy for those with an artistic flare to adapt the well known characters.

4. Cards For A Lego Fan

Actually, pretty much everyone loves Lego. So as cheesy as this wee card may be, it’s got Lego on it which makes it instantly cool! Lego has broken boundaries and is no longer just a toy for the boys. So, you may find that your Mrs might like it just as much as you would.

5. Cards For A Film Buff

Are you or your other half a fan of Nicholas Cage? If you are, this card is definitely for you! There are about a million other celebrity and film related card out there. Whether you are a Gone With The Wind type of person, or more of a Breaking Bad whole-season-in-one-view kind, there is definitely a card out there for you and your better half. Clever design should be one that is instantly recognisable and by using famous faces to sell cards, these clever designers have got it sussed.

6. Cards That Just Rock

Cheesy Valentine's Day Card

Clever play on the word cheesy

'You're Roarsome' Valentine's Day Card

Cute and silly play on words

Hand Stamped 'Turns Out' Card

Hand stamped cards

So, whatever kind of design gets your better halves heart a-fluttering, there will be a card out there for you. With so many online retailers offering fast and cheap delivery you don’t even have to fight your way through all the other loved up fools to pick your perfect card.

Valentines Day cards are a perfect example of how clever design effects all of our lives. Here at GT Creative we can design the perfect logo or branding tools for your business – we could probably make you an awesome Valentines Card, but that’s not what we do! What we do do, we do it well and we are confident that all of our clients are more than happy with the full design service we provide. To find out more, call us on 01277 849161 or click here to contact us by email.

February 4, 2015 | Laura | Posted In : Graphic Design
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