The Pro’s And Con’s Of E-Commerce

A mobile responsive website is essential in 2015 and beyond, more and
more of your visitors will be viewing your eCommerce website on their
smartphones, gaming consoles, televisions and even watches. The days of a
static website, one-size-fits-all, are long, long gone. What you need is an eCommerce website – that is fast and secure, easy to navigate and
designed in a clean and minimal fashion – so your visitors can get where
they need to go, on the move, at home, or in the office. Or at least, that’s what your web design company will tell you!

What’s the real deal with eCommerce websites? Does your business really need one? Does you business even really know what one is? Fear not, dear reader, and don’t get bogged down with jargon! In this blog, we explain the pro’s and con’s of an eCommerce website in simple and clear terms.

“eCommerce is a commercial transaction conducted electronically on the Internet” – definition of eCommerce

So, you sell goods in a shop, on a market stall or from your home. You would like to be able to sell goods via your own website, and not just on auction sites. Well, you can. But what you will need is the electronic equivalent of a checkout counter on your website so your buyers can pay for the goods and you can send them out! Simple!

So, what are the best reasons for adding eCommerce to your site?

1. It’s flexible and it’s fast.

eCommerce is very flexible and can be operated from wherever you are. The set up can be quick and easy, and you could even have your online store open within minutes. Magento, WordPress’ WooCommerce suite, Shopify and other software platforms and plugins with equally groovy names can all be used to add an eCommerce facility to your website. Here at GT Creative our clever develops can add all this technical stuff to your site, whilst you get on and wait for your virtual cash register to go kerching!

2. It’s cheap (well, relatively)

the Internet blew our minds, starting a retail outlet was an expensive business . You would need premises, paperwork, physical furniture and bums on seats! Now, however, an eShop can take over all of your shop, staff and stationery stresses and just allow you to get on with making money. You will, of course, need a good website, great pictures of your products and someone to process orders, but all in all, eCommerce is a far easier proposition.

3. 24/7 7 days a week

The internet never sleeps, which means your customers can buy online whenever they want. Sunday shoppers, late night last minute buyers or even those who would rather just shop from home than fight it out on the High Street – all of these, and more, could be buying your products if you make it easy for them! Just think – you could be making money even as you sleep.

You are probably thinking “Surely it can’t be that easy, can it?”. Well, it can – but there are a few little things to keep in mind before you go charging ahead. All of these things can be overcome easily enough, with a little planning and some help from us at GT Creative.

4. If you are doing it, your competitors are too

Which means it can be very competitive. And not just your local competitors either. Given the nature of the world wide web (clue is in the title), you could be dealing with other sellers of the same products the world over. More so than just keeping your prices competitive, you also need to consider offering incentives for visitors to your shop like cheap delivery, free gifts etc and you need to make sure your shop is easy to find in search engines.

5. It can take time to rely on your regulars

Many consumers
can be a little are wary of buying from a business that they haven’t heard of or dealt with before. Online they have access to so many options to buy, they may prefer to just stick with companies they have used before. But by making your website transparent and professional looking, and your service good, new customers will in time become regular customers.

6. Beware of technical issues

there are many tools and resources to build an eCommerce site complete
with shopping carts and payment processing, invariably something will go
wrong. Websites can stop working for a variety of reasons and some are
easier to fix than others. Until issues are fixed, the site is down or
not working, your customers will be shopping elsewhere!

So, in closing eCommerce is definitely the way forward for your business, if you want to offer a safe, secure shopping service for your customers. GT Creative can design and build an eCommerce site to suit your individual business needs. You can find out more about our services here or call us on 01277 849161 to speak to one of our developers.

January 27, 2015 | Laura | Posted In : Web Design
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