5 Top Tips to Create the Best Website

website is your shop window to the whole world. Ensuring that your
website is aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and up to date with
content can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle. But, if you
design it well in the first instance, your website will continue to
convey your products or business to the world, and engage your target

look and feel of your website will be completely down to you and your
web designer and should be designed to attract your target audience.
But when thinking about website design there are a few clear rules
you should follow.

1. Your
website should convey a strong a clear message

we have said before, your website is your shop window to the entire
world. But a great website doesn’t just display a load of products
or services, it engages with the audience by relaying a clear and
concise message about the type of business it is. Keep your content
simple and clear. Describe exactly what it is you do, what areas you
cover, brief details about your product or services and always add
easy to read instruction on how a potential customer can contact you.

if you are purely selling low value consumer goods online, your
website should still have a contact page and if possible, some
answers to frequently asked question I.e. postage, delivery times

you are selling a service, be sure to add examples of work you have
undertaken, or testimonials from satisfied customers where you can.
Online shopping may have grown massively in the past few years, but
some consumers can still be reticent about buying a product or
service they have never seen “in the flesh”.

Your Website should be easy to navigate

out your website as you would lay out your stall. Keep things simple
and easy for any customer or potential client to navigate their way
through. Display the
information on your website in a simple and structured way. Think of
the general path you would like a site visitor to take and allow your
website to flow in a logical way.

with a homepage as a landing site that tells the world a little about
who you are and what you do. If you have different types of service
that you offer dedicate a page to each, not forgetting to add easy to
spot links so your customer can find the service or product they
require and click onto it for further information.

we mentioned before, the ability for customers to contact you is
important. So add an additional page purely dedicated to contacting

Your website should have plenty of content

is key to a well performing website for your business. They main
function of your website is to convey information to potential end
users about what you are offering. Therefore the “content” or
copy within the website is an intrinsic part of your website.

content you offer should be relevant and engaging, meaning that it
pertains to what you are selling and it is well written, original,
concise and easy to read.

can also have a baring on how your website performs in search
engines. Obviously the further up the rankings you are on a search
engine, the more exposure, or clicks, your website will get. Search
engines like google will scan the content in your website for certain
key words which helps determine your place in their listings.

Add Photographs and other visual aids to your website

likes just reading words on a page. Photographs are a powerful tool
for showing your customers exactly what it is you do or sell. Keep
your photographs relevant, up to date and clear. Old out of date,
out of focus pictures will not do you any favours.

on the flip side of this, do not overload your site with too many
photographs as this could slow down the speed with which each page
loads, which could result in potential customers leaving the page
before they have seen what you are offering.

Your website should have responsive design

and more people are using mobile devices to surf the internet. With
this in mind, websites now need to be able to be viewable and usable
in many different formats. The format for a phone screen for
example, will be different to that used on a full PC monitor. Your
website designer should be able to help you with this, but do keep it
in mind when thinking about your designs.

Creative offers a bespoke web design service allowing you to work
together with our designers to achieve a website that not only looks
great, but also allows you to reach and engage with your target
audience. Call
us on 01277
849161 or contact us here.

October 16, 2014 | Laura | Posted In : Web Design

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