Copywriting Is The Key!

Original, engaging and
well written copy is vital to the success of your website or online
marketing. Not only does it improve your search engine rankings, it
also allows your potential new customer to leave your site feeling
informed, entertained and more importantly enfranchised enough to
purchase whatever it is that you are selling. The copy on your
website should be informative, but not boring; detailed but not too
wordy; educational without being condescending and so on – proving
that there really is a lot more to good web copy than just a
glorified product description!

A good copywriter will
be able to make the words dance on the page, and be able to educate
and entertain all at the same time. Finding the correct balance of
exactly how much copy to include can also be a finally honed skill –
too many words and your visitor will get bored and click away, not
enough, and they will be visiting your competitors sites to find out
more about what they need.

Great copy is not only
the denizen of the internet website. All aspects of your marketing
should be focused on the way the written word is selling your story.
Brochures, flyers, newsletters, social media posts and even emails
and sales letters need to be on point from the very beginning to
portray your company in the right light.

At GT Creative our
copywriters are well versed in how to best use well written script to
target not just one, but potentially three types of potential

  1. The Search
    Engine – your copy must be original, unique and targeted enough to
    allow search engines to find it and drive traffic back to your site
    – more traffic equals more customers – simple!
  2. The Web Surfer –
    potential customers will hit your site and want to know every little
    think about you in mere seconds. Good copy (along with a well built
    web site) will offer your visitor easy to read signposts to navigate
    them around the site and will also pull them in with a great but
    subtle sales pitch that will sell!
  3. The Classic
    Customer – copy in the printed word must be just as succinct as on
    the internet. Your potential customer will no doubt want to see
    pretty pictures and glossy brochures but the information contained
    therein will be the real selling point.

So, don’t spend hours slaving over a hot PC, looking for the right words to write to show your business in it’s best light. Why not just call us at GT Creative and have us write it for you. You can call us direct on 01277 849161 or click here to contact us by email.

January 19, 2015 | Laura | Posted In : Content
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