Lego – Why We Love It So!

Lego – those lovely, clicky little bricks are popular the world
over, from 2- 102 years old everyone loves a lil’ bit o’ Lego! But
what makes it just so popular? Well, it’s January and it’s cold out
so we thought we’d lighten the mood with a look at why a toy designed
for children but loved by adults is just so popular.

1. Its So Simple!

Despite the complicated structures that can be out of Lego, it is,
in essence, an incredibly simple toy. Its a block, with little round
dents on it, that fit into other blocks with the same dents on! How
easy is that! No matter how complicated the finished product may
look, the actual concept of the building block is as easy as they

2. It’s Timeless

Lego has been in production for more than 60 years, and it’s
popularity just continues to grow. Today’s adults remember playing
with it when they were children, just as today’s children play with
it now. Its a timeless classic that manages to keep up with, and
outsell trendy toys that come and go.

3. You Can Build ANYTHING With It

Literally – anything! Cars, houses, castles, planes – whatever you
want to make, you can make it with Lego!

4. It’s Fun!

Oh yeh, it really is! Whether you are sitting down to make the
Batmobil with your own children, or whether you are sneakily building
stuff on your own when you should be putting it away, it’s such fun
that it’s not easy to put down.

5.It’s Affordable and Easy

It’s easy to obtain, and can be purchased in supermarkets, toy
shops, on the internet – pretty much anywhere! And it won’t
break the bank either! With small boxes starting from under
£5.00 it’s an easy and affordable buy every time.

6. Its Educational

Yep – building bricks offers little people a chance to follow
instructions using words and pictures, count how many blocks to add
or takeaway and to go through all the colours they come in.
Easy, educational and fun – why the heck not!

7. Its Unisex

It may once have been considered that Lego was a “boys toy”
– but that is definitely not the case these days – Lego is equally as
popular with girls as it is with boys – it is the ultimate unisex,
timeless, ageless, easy to play with toy!

So, what have we learnt! Lego manages to retain it’s
popularity due to its simplicity, attainability and all round appeal
to kids of all ages. Simplicity is the key! And not just
with construction toys either. Simple, familiar, instantly
recognisable design is the key to great a logo and branding! At
GT Creative our designers can work with you to creative a new, eye
catching and simple design for your business.

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January 12, 2015 | Laura | Posted In : Content, Graphic Design
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