Marsala – The New Hue!

sharp! There’s a new cool colour in town! As the cool creative
types know, the folk at Pantone have released a new colour in time
for 2015!

widely recognised Pantone Color Matching System is a colour
reproduction system used in a variety of industries including
printing, textiles and even the manufacture of paint colours. Pantone
colours are described by their allocated number (ie. PMS 130 etc).
PMS colours are almost always used in branding and most graphic
designers will work using them. Its like the department in charge of colour, make new ones and tell us what to like – and it works!

The importance of Pantone colour, casts its net far wider than just
the print industry. It is worth noting for a start that Pantone
released their colour predictions for Spring/Summer 2015 during
fashion week. The fashion industry sits up and listens when the
Pantone Gods speak!

And when the fashion industry decides its like something, celebrities follow suite. Both Rihanna and Beyonce were recently tweeted (by the canny Social Media team at Pantone) wearing Marsala coloured dresses to big events.

Already watered down to reach us common folk, Marsala colours have been seen in nail polish trends over the winter months. Which means that slowly slowly this new hue is taking hold.


In another smooth twist of fate, it would appear that large interior retailers like Ikea have already stocked deep red and rich brown fabrics for furnishings and accessories, that will match or complement Pantones Marsala colour.

But is it as universally appealing as the print and fashion industry would have us believe.

There is a general feeling that is is possibly too similar to the colour of red wine, and too seasonal too last an entire year. The colour works well in the winter, but is it too heavy and deep for fresh spring and summer fabrics and paint choices?

Canadian website National Post even went as far as to describe the colour as “a ‘tired’ burgundy experts already hate.” Harsh!

But you see, the point of this blog dear reader, is not about whether or not we like this particular shade of red, but to illustrate that design is everywhere and effects much more than just the workings of print colours. At GT Creative we put time and careful consideration into the overall aesthetics of every piece of work we produce. Colours, textures, images all make for a great piece of promotional work and/or brand marketing. Current trends should also always be taking into consideration. From fonts to graphics – every year sees something new coming to the forefront of what your customers like to see.

When a company that makes up colours on a daily basis, heralded Marsala as the next new big thing, other industries listened. This shows the power of their influence, not just in their own sector but across others too. Could your business be crossing boundaries? Should your contemporaries be taking more notice of what you say? We think great design is the key – that and achingly simple but recognisable branding!

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January 2, 2015 | Laura | Posted In : Graphic Design
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