123.reg deletes sites in routine clean up

Hosting should be as easy as ABC, but not for 123.reg as it accidentally deleted some of its customers sites this week.

Hosting companies promise to keep your website online all day, every day. Unlike a shop keeper, you don’t lock up at the end of the day. No sir! Having an online presence means that you r customer needs to be able to reach you  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Paying extra for hosting means that you should feel nice and secure in the knowledge that your site will always be visible.

Sometimes though, things go wrong! Oops! clean up error! Bad times!

You had one job 123.reg, that the heck happened?

Well, apparently during a routine maintenance operation, some sites were “effectively deleted”. The web host, which has over 800,000 customers in the UK, could not say how many websites had been effected, but did admit that ‘the issues faced have resulted in some data loss for some customers.”

So what went wrong?

Well, the bbc.co.uk website explains it beautifully;

“Websites are hosted on computers called servers that can dish up pages to thousands or millions of people at the same time. Some people pay for a private server – a dedicated computer that hosts only their website – but this can be expensive.

A cheaper option is a virtual private server (VPS) – a machine that can host hundreds of websites, but mimics the functionality of a private server. The company said it was performing a “clean-up” operation on its VPS systems when a coding error in its software “effectively deleted” customer websites. Since the maintenance mistake was made on a virtual private server it was able to wipe out many websites in one go.”

123.reg admitted that they did not have a copy of all of it’s customers data, but were working with a date recovery specialists to ‘manage the process of restoration”.

And the moral of the story is…

Unlike these huge great hosting companies, a smaller company like ours will have your best interests at heart, and be able to offer you secure dedicated hosting packages.

Losing your data, can mean losing your website, which definitely means losing money! Even if you don’t lose sales, you will have to pay out to have your website built again, from scratch! It’s just too awful to think about!

So, save yourself the worry and speak to us about our hosting packages. Whilst a VPS may well seem like a better option in terms of budget, investing in your own private server can buy you priceless levels of protection.

Call us today on 01277 849161 to find out more about the service we offer, including hosting and affordable web design (just in case 123.reg has lost yours!)

April 21, 2016 | Laura | Posted In : Web Design
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