Why It’s Brilliant To Blog!

Blogging – it’s one of those
newfangled words we are all familiar with, but what does it actually
mean? Well, a blog is a regularly updated web page, that is written
in an informal or conversational style. Blog topics can be directly
related to your business or can be more topical and newsworthy.
Basically, blogs are great! We’ve made a list of the top 7 reasons
you should be really getting into blogging!

1. Blogging Increases Traffic

First off, and probably most
importantly, blogging increases traffic to your website. Every time
you blog, you are creating a new opportunity for your website to
make it’s way further up the search engine rankings. It increases
traffic socially and organically through search keuwords. Companies
that blog regularly every month see much more traffic than those
who don’t.

2. Blogging Increases Leads

With more traffic to your website
comes increased leads. Every click through to your website is a
potential new customer. The trick is turning those clicks into
customers, which is where having an easy to use, fully responsive
website comes into it’s own. Not only does blogging help you
increase leads, it also helps you filter out what those leads are
interested in based on the type of content they consumed and what
blog post they opted-in on and enjoyed and shared. Which brings us
on to the next point…

3. Blogging Gives Your Shareable Content

Blogging is one of the most
exciting aspects of social media. Blogs posts can be shared via
Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media platforms. Much
more than just a recommendation from a customer, people will share
anything they find interesting, engaging and relevant to their
lifestyle. This, of course, is a totally organic way of getting
more leads back to your website – and click mean customers right?

4. Blogging Influences Purchases

two thirds of people have made a purchase based on a blog post. The
ability to influence your customers purchases is completely in your
hands, when you right informative, light hearted, helpful pieces
about the products you sell. Remember, its not a sales pitch, but a
more honest opinion and conversational recommendation of the product.
After all, people buy people, so they will also buy from an honest

5. Blogging Lets You Show Off Your

Blogging is an exellent opportunity to show off just
how brilliant you are! Seriously, it allows you to write about your
knowledge, expertise and general allround awesomeness within your
profession far more than any home or about page can.

6. Blogging Often Gets You Noticed

When you blog regularly, people
will start to notice you more. This is not just from a customers
point of view either, good blogs will also be noticed by other folk
within your industry. Blog reguyalry and make your mark! Show the
competition and the customer that you are absoluteluy at the top of
yur game.

7. Blogging Allows You To Connect With
Your Customers

The conversational nature of blogging makes it an
ideal way to communicate directly with your customers. Make sure
your blog has an option for readers to leave comments, and be sure to
respond to them as soon as you see them. This way you can
immediately engage with your audience and enter into real time
conversation with them, allowiung a free flow or ideas and opinions.

So remember people – Blogging should be fun! It allows you to write in an enjoyable and conversational way, giving your company it’s very own personality.We love blogging so much here at GT Creative that we have our very own dedicated blogging and copywriting team who can plan and manage an ongoing blogging campaign to add to your existing website. Our technical types can even add a new blog page to your website if you need one.

Call us on 01277 849161 or click here to contact us via email.

November 13, 2014 | Laura | Posted In : Social Media
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